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Connectivity: The Most Important Part of Your Business

On 07/25/2017  by Pat Verrington
Many organizations don’t consider how secure, managed connectivity plays such a key role in today’s business environment. When I speak with businesses leaders - from both large enterprises and innovative start-ups - I find that wireless ...
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For Many Industries, Cellular IoT Connectivity is the Only Viable Option

On 06/29/2017  by Pat Verrington
Think of it this way: cellular IoT connectivity is the reliable, old Jeep that always gets you where you need to go for a really long time. It can handle challenging journeys.  WiFi is the sleek, cherry red sports car that draws gazes wh...
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Protect Against Lost Revenues with Out of Band Management (OOBM)

On 04/04/2017  by Pat Verrington
We recently discussed the growing importance of wireless failover systems to ensure continuous Internet connectivity. Preventing outages and ensuring network uptime is a top priority for IT Teams who are tasked with keeping POS systems, ...
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10 Best Practices for Wireless Failover Deployments: How Prepared Are You?

On 03/16/2017  by Pat Verrington
With technology continuing to evolve and improve, it’s critical that customers understand what they need for their businesses and that they direct the right questions to their vendors. When deploying a wireless failover solution – it’s i...
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