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KORE’s IoT/M2M Affiliations

KORE is dedicated to providing the best connectivity solutions to our clients, and part of that dedication comes in the form of the affiliations we have established. Our IoT/M2M affiliations grant us knowledge, insight, and influence regarding issues, innovations, and resolutions related to M2M service delivery. KORE holds memberships with various IoT and M2M industry trade associations, and we have formal relationships with several international M2M and IoT standards bodies. We are the only non-spectrum owning network service provider who is a full voting member of the PTCRB and who sits on the device certification board for GSM devices. KORE is also on the executive council of the CDG, which works to promote the CDMA standard. As a result, we can provide our clients with strong, accurate information on device certification, industry trends, and so much more.

M2M and IoT Industry Trade Associations Affiliated with KORE

M2M/IoT Standards Bodies