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Don't Let Your Business Suffer During an Outage

Internet disruptions happen, keep your business up and running – no matter what – with the most affordable wireless failover solution available on the market. Starting at $9.95/mo.

Network outages, even short disruptions in connectivity, can result in reduced employee productivity, unsatisfied customers, and lost revenues. You can avoid these negative outcomes, and keep your business up and running by implementing a wireless failover solution for your back up internet connection.

We understand that there are many options to consider for network connectivity, equipment, and solution management on the market. Making the best decision for your company can be time-consuming and difficult.  

That's why the experts at KORE have worked with our partners to offer a comprehensive bundle that's not only effective but affordable. 

With the KORE Business Connect Bundle, you can maintain access to critical network components and continue necessary communications without disruption. Get a wireless failover solution on a wireless network offering 99.99% up-time! And with bundles starting as low as $9.95 a month, you can have peace of mind knowing you're always connected, without putting stress on your budget.

With KORE Business Connect, you’ve got a secure business continuity plan with a complete, affordable wireless failover solution.

Get KORE Business Connect Failover bundle for as low as $9.95 per month.

The KORE Business Connect Wireless Failover Solution Bundle includes:

  • Enterprise-Grade Teltonika RUT 240 Router with WiFi Capability
  • Remote Management
  • Data Plan
  • Plug and Play Configuration

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