Another piece of the KORE Global Connect™ solution falls into place

Alex Brisbourne

You may have noticed that our company this week finalized an all-cash deal to acquire Australia's largest M2M network provider Mach Communications. On the surface, the move is designed to expand the KORE footprint and support capabilities in the Asia-Pacific marketplace in one fell swoop. Our research, along with many third party experts, indicates that that growth for M2M services in APAC will be nearly 50 percent higher than in North America over the next 5-7 years. Mach's M2M subscriber-base is second to none in that region—ranging well into six figures—with ResMed sleep apnea monitoring as a pre-eminent global user.

In the bigger picture, this move brings KORE closer to our vision of a single, global network for M2M. We truly believe that M2M is now firmly in the plans for global enterprises to save costs and, more importantly, to deliver value-added, revenue generating services. At KORE, it is our goal to provide an integrated, single-access bridge for the global connectivity needed to accomplish this.

With Mach Communications now in the KORE Wireless family, we are demonstrating that the KORE M2M Platform brings together the most diverse set of direct, multi-technology carrier relationships in the market. When you work with KORE, there now is no part of the globe that will go unconnected.

by Alex Brisbourne, President and COO
As the president and chief operating officer of KORE, Alex has over 20 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industry, in Europe, North America and Asia. His expertise and areas of concentration center around wireless, enterprise and fixed line services. In his current role at KORE, he continually strives to improve company growth, by ensuring the M2M marketplace and KORE customers are well served by members of the KORE team worldwide.

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