Application Spotlight: Going Green with the Help of M2M

Norman Miglietta

With green initiatives on the rise, more and more organizations are looking for ways to cut their carbon footprint and make a positive environmental impact. With a reduction in energy spending by many corporations and municipalities, some think that alternative energy sources are too expensive on a tight budget. Through its Illumient street lights, Clear Blue Technologies is making going green more affordable and going off-grid more reliable – all with the power of the KORE network behind them.

By harnessing solar and wind energy, Illumient street lights brighten up your neighborhood, office park, or apartment complex in an environmentally friendly way. What’s even better about Illumient lights? They run on Horizon Cloud Management software, allowing you to monitor and control them remotely from your PC or smart phone. Illumient and Horizon enable municipalities and corporations to have aesthetically pleasing green street lights, while easily, and cost-effectively, incorporating them into their towns and cities. These “smart” lights are easy to install and maintain, highly reliable, and are part of a fully integrated system that monitors and controls overall costs. The entire system can be controlled or adjusted remotely via Horizon, including charging parameters, temperature compensation, remote testing/troubleshooting, and emergency remote override. Users are able to see each light individually or the entire system via Horizon on their PC or smart phone, providing full access no matter their location thanks to KORE’s reliable global network. How does this save money? By managing costs and creating efficiencies by remotely dimming lights, changing on/off times, altering brightness, and diagnosing problems before sending a truck and technician to troubleshoot in person.

Green initiatives don’t always have to be an expensive investment, in some cases, like Illumient street lights, they can save you money and pay off in long run.  With the help of KORE’s network, Clear Blue Technologies is helping municipalities and organizations go green while also saving green.

By Norman Miglietta, Director of Marketing

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