CTIA 2016: Quick Look Back

Norman Miglietta

With the 2016 CTIA Super Mobility Conference in the rear view mirror, we picked up a lot of insights at our pop-up coffee spot, the KORE Café, from many partners and at a wide array of sessions. For us personally, KORE was excited to announce at the show that we have an updated brand image to better reflect our current role as a leader in software service and platforms that power the Internet of Things (IoT). KORE has become the brand inside the brands that drive IoT; to be that, it is crucial that we identify and develop service solutions that serve the needs of our customers and their internal stakeholders in the rapidly developing IoT market.


From a non-KORE news standpoint, the biggest buzz around the show floor was Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement and the intense debates about the pros and cons of headphone jacks. But for the IoT market, two topics have really stood out:

  • The emergence of 5G: A subset of this year’s show included the “Mobile Intelligence Conference,” which dove into what the evolution from 4G to 5G network infrastructures may look like. In fact, on both Wednesday and Thursday, about a dozen 5G use cases were presented, covering topics such as cybersecurity, smart cities, predictive analytics, advertising and drones. It’s interesting to consider how quickly we are thinking past 4G, considering 3G networks are still in service and 2G sunsets are just beginning. Progress, as they say, waits for no one, but it’s safe to say LTE will be here for some time.

  • Low power: We had some really insightful conversations about low power and Wide Area Networks at the conference, as well. Low power is very important in the development for the IoT area because it’s going to enable a substantial number of future applications. The question is where will we see those future applications?  Are they traditional efficiency or product differentiation apps or will they be more focused on areas like infrastructure? If the application is more directed at utilities, smart grids, governmental organizations, etc., security also rises to the top as a critical topic, particularly when dealing with unlicensed spectrum.  

We’ll share a full recap of our activities, insights and take-aways from this year’s CTIA Super Mobility Conference later in the week.


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