Customer Use Case: Curo - Enabling Senior Autonomy

Peter West

The global population is aging. With over 40 million people over the age of 65 in the United States alone, there is an ever-increasing requirement for intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective home healthcare services that enable older adults to “age in place” independently and in their own homes – as opposed to long-term hospitalizations or moves to an assisted care facility.

Until recently these solutions were difficult to deliver and resulted in unwarranted home visits, a lack of visibility into activity and wellness of senior adults, and the inability to quickly respond to accidents and medical emergencies.

Now, however, thanks to the explosion of connected sensors, devices, and software applications brought about the Internet of Things, “aging in place” solutions are quickly improving.

Recognizing the growing trend associated with “aging in place” and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to senior care – Curo has developed a sensor-based software application modeled to facilitate senior autonomy, provide peace of mind to loved ones, and enable professional caregivers to effectively deliver home healthcare services.

The Curo solution utilizes six wireless motion sensors installed in the patient’s home that continuously stream thousands of data points to a web-based application, detecting everyday activities such as movement, meal consumption, and departure of the home.  The design of Curo’s offering enables a noninvasive, less bothersome solution that requires no physical action on behalf of the older adult.

As with any IoT solution, though, Curo required a means of connecting their sensors to the software application. Grappling with the challenge of Internet availability (or lack thereof) in the homes of many senior adults, they set out to identify a partner that could not only deliver global, reliable, and ubiquitous connectivity, but that also understood the IoT landscape and the complexity of Curo’s solution.

As a global leader in IoT enablement – Curo quickly realized that KORE could provide the connectivity services that they needed, and could also act as a “trusted advisor”, helping Curo to improve their solution, solve their business problems, and assume the role as a true partner, rather than just another vendor.

The results? Curo is now delivering senior care in a flexible and convenient manner, via the KORE celluar network, to over 2,000 homes in both the United States and Australia – a number that is growing every day. If you’ll be at HIMSS 2017 Conference and Exhibition – be sure to stop by KORE’s booth, #6975, on Tuesday February 21st at 1:30PM EST for a live demonstration of Curo’s innovative technologies.

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