Increasing Fleet Safety and Fuel Economy through Location-Based Services



Fleet safety is the utmost priority for fleet managers and operators. To help combat speed-based issues across over-the-road fleets, the right tools and resources are needed to effectively mitigate these issues.

Position Logic’s advanced applications platform is constantly being enhanced through integrations in order to deliver the best solutions for fleet professionals to manage drivers, ensure safety and reduce costs.

Position Logic offers a robust solution for fleet owners and managers with the integration of the SpeedGauge Safety Center, a driver coaching and performance management service.

This integration will empower Position Logic customers to leverage the SpeedGauge Safety Center for increased safety and fuel economy in their own fleet logistics services. Position Logic, integrated with the SpeedGauge Safety Center, enables transportation executives to closely monitor driver behavior with notable impact on safety, performance and cost.

The SpeedGauge Safety Center provides speeding reports and analytics to Position Logic customers using constantly updated speed limit and road risk databases. The joint solution allows fleet managers to set custom speed limits and road condition parameters in specific zones prone to performance issues.

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