It’s time to ask what 3G can do for you in M2M

Norman Miglietta

3G_for_YouA few weeks ago in these pages, we looked at the largest misconceptions around the 2G shutdown, including the BIG idea that 3G opens up the possibility for new service offerings down the line. Now we will take a look at this a bit more closely and ask, “What, exactly, can 3G do for you?” 

In other words, what kind of new deliverables does 3G allow you to offer to the market that perhaps you’d never even considered. And how do these types of new products strengthen your business differentiation and ability to make money? Let’s dig into the possibilities, shall we?

Video surveillance. Perhaps the most visible—and easy to sell—new service is that of remote, and even roving, video surveillance. In other words, the opportunity to offer a “pop up” streaming video application as a security measure at customer locations that do not already have a wired connection in place. Examples include construction sites, parking lots, or storage facilities.

With 3G-powered M2M, such remote video surveillance even becomes possible on moving vehicles. Think of the value that comes from delivering peace-of-mind to parents if their children’s ride on the school bus could be constantly monitored; or the boon to public safety that would result from installing a video camera on public transportation vehicles, to both deter crime and instantly detect inappropriate behavior, and alert the authorities accordingly. With 3G at your service, these are not pipe dream offerings.

Digital signage. Many of today’s big consumer brands, including retail, restaurant and financial chains, have turned to video-based digital signage in significant quantities. These need separate, flexible network connectivity with the horsepower to deliver large video files in an ever changing market environment. Outdoor digital signage has different challenges, and wired connectivity is generally not an option given the highly-dispersed locations, even on the sides of roving trucks.

3G becomes table stakes to break into the market for such dynamic connected services.

Data-intensive industrial monitoring applications. The need for direct visibility from afar into our nation’s lifeblood of electrical, water, oil and gas networks, has become priority number one for utility providers. Learning of an issue after the fact is no longer good enough. Trouble is, the sheer volume of data now required to keep managers up to speed on moment-by-moment matters related to supply, demand, maintenance, regulatory and safety compliance is immense. To get into this game, you’ve got to come to the table with a high-availability, high-bandwidth network that won’t lag. But the payoff for winning this type of business could set your company for life.

And finally, business continuity solutions. More and more, businesses have turned to cellular M2M as a means to augment the wireline connections at their corporate offices. It’s a much more cost-effective option than having to maintain an extra T1 line or frame relay network as backup. In addition, in times of weather-related emergencies, where wired networks may go down for an extended time, companies simply cannot afford the downtime or inability of employees and customers to access cloud-based applications. M2M-based 3G base stations can be set to up maintain data service in these trying times, without so much as a hiccup.

Even beyond times of emergency, cellular-connected backup systems can significantly reduce the impact of the 1-2 percent downtime typically associated with wired providers, as a rule.

Overall, 3G offers a means toward greater reliability and a better customer experience. In short, it’s all about capturing higher value markets, and thus higher margins, with your M2M services. And it all begins with 3G.

KORE has seen the 3G device count on its network grow by more than 300% during 2014. We focus on value-added IT services to help make the transition seamless, including technology consulting, device engineering and 3G application integration.

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