KORE Named Top 25 IoT Solution Provider

Vince Jager, Vice President APAC

The explosion of IoT adoption by nearly every industry in recent years is truly exciting, and KORE is proud to be at the forefront, powering organizations to take advantage of this disruptive technology. For that reason, we are truly honored to be named to APAC CIO Outlook’s Top 25 IoT Solution Providers-2017 list.

According to the publication, “The organizations featured are some of the most prominent ones in the industry, chosen on the basis of their comprehensive range of offerings, infusing cost-effectiveness and inducing operational efficiency.” An example of KORE’s dedication to that criteria is evident in our introduction of Power Solutions earlier this year.

For so long, IoT was available to a limited few – those large enough to build an infrastructure from the ground up. As IoT became more mainstream, in conjunction with shifting market demands, more organizations wanted to implement applications of their own. However, most of them don’t have the time, money, or expertise to create hardware, software, and a connectivity management platform – not to mention the resources to address IT issues if something goes wrong.

The gap between demand and accessibility was partly bridged by off-the-shelf components from multiple solution providers to build the platform. However, finding the right partner for every component and managing multiple relationships was both expensive and time consuming.

What became clear was that the market was in desperate need of a single partner to provide all the necessary components, services, and support to launch an application. But more importantly, they needed the platform bundled together at a more reasonable price point.

And KORE Power Solutions were born.

Instead of building a platform brick-by-brick, KORE Power Solutions represent an opportunity to address IoT needs with turnkey solutions. By offering everything a company needs to launch, the arduous and expensive task of going through multiple solution providers is eliminated, allowing companies to focus time and energy on what they know best – the application. As a result, their game-changing idea can get to market faster, more efficiently and with a favorable impact on the bottom line.

To stand among some of the most remarkable and influential organizations in the IoT space is humbling, but it’s also a reminder to never stop innovating. And while we’re proud of how our KORE Power Solutions are enabling greater adoption of IoT, we are just as excited to see what is next. The technological landscape changes in the blink of an eye, and keeping up with the market’s demand for “newer and better” requires dedication to both expertise and creativity. It’s a challenge KORE welcomes with open arms.

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