KORE Recognized as Top Homeland Security Vendor by Technavio Research

Norman Miglietta

In their “Global M2M Homeland Security Market 2015-2019” report, Technavio Research revealed research findings for the top networking and connectivity companies in the homeland security market, with KORE topping the list. The world is quickly becoming a marketplace driven by data collection and management, and homeland security is no different. Nations across the globe are in the midst of investing billions in systems for anti-terrorism, criminal cross-border activity detection and internal security coordination. These systems require location-based services, sensor tracking and real-time information flow from remote areas, and there is intense competition among providers to be able to scale these systems quickly and efficiently.

In its market assessment, Technavio noted KORE strengths in providing global GSM, cellular and satellite connectivity as a single-stream service. The firm cited our company's focus on optimized price plans from regional or global carrier partners, and an ability to customize based on varying business requirements as key to the honor. KORE is able to deliver the portfolio of connected technology, location-aware systems and management tools necessary to support and improve the always-changing dynamics in homeland security.

KORE takes this recognition as a signal that we must keep improving upon our stable of natively provisioned global connectivity, and fine tuning our managed connectivity platform. We know there is simply no room for error when it comes to perimeter and border surveillance, manned and unmanned vehicle connectivity, aviation security, maritime security and CBRN detection and protection.

Please take a look at this video for more information about the KORE network’s role in security, surveillance and the analytics of homeland protection.

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