Looking Ahead: HIMSS 2017 and the Emergence of Healthcare IoT

Peter West

The 2017 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition is just around the corner in Orlando, and we’re quite excited to be attending once again. Each year, more than 40,000 professionals gather at HIMSS to share ideas about the future of how information within the healthcare industry is gathered, computed and shared.

We’ll be especially interested in conversations about the merge of healthcare and the Internet of Things (IoT), and there will be no shortage of thought leadership on the topic. Here are a handful of sessions we think will be really interesting:

  • Mobile Innovations and Telehealth in Emergency Care: This session will feature a case study on the City of Houston Fire Department and their development and implementation of a combination of telehealth, health information exchange and mobile patient scheduling systems using tablet technology.
  • Using the Internet of Healthy Things to Improve Health and Care: In this session, the presenters will explore how patient-generated data and analytics are helping to foster clinical decision making, guiding strategies based on that data and what Internet of Health Things trends we can expect to see.
  • Value Proposition of the Real-Time Healthcare System: This session will look at, among other things, the rise of the intelligent hospital.
  • Think your Network is Safe? Check your End Points: IoT has changed the way organizations must prepare their networks. This session will take a look at innovative strategies to use the power of IoT in a healthcare environment, while keeps hackers away from critical information.
  • Everybody’s Talking (and Everything!): This will be the mid-afternoon keynote address presented by Lowell Catlett on Sunday, February 19, and it should be very insightful. He’ll take a look at some of the most interesting, emerging healthcare IoT technologies and identify strategies for healthcare organizations to put them to use, despite the expansion of healthcare reform.

There is no doubt these sessions will be well worth your time and will offer incredibly keen insight into how the utilization of connected devices are reshaping how healthcare organizations operate, allowing them to offer the best patient care possible.

We’d also like to invite you to stop by for a chat at booth #6975. We'll be showcasing our tablet partnership with Apple as well as exciting developments in the “aging in place” sector, look out for new announcements next week during the event. And you—no doubt—have some great things to share with us. See you at the show!

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