Powering Santa's Workshop with IoT

Karen Buckley, VP Marketing

For years, Santa and his elves worked manually. Every aspect related to the construction and delivery of gifts was done on paper, with limited insight into the logistics leading up to his big run. Today, his workshop is powered by IoT, making it a much more efficient operation. Here are just a few of the ways IoT keeps Santa on schedule:

  • Nice List/Naughty List: Behavior reports on all the little children are updated throughout the year by Santa’s “field assistants” on tablets. Based on the calculation of swaths of data, both lists are updated in real time. These analytics help Santa to determine the annual toy-to-coal ratio.
  • Supply chain: Making toys for children across the globe requires a keen eye to logistics. From tools and supplies to bows and wrapping paper, any supply chain hiccup along the way can throw the entire operation sideways. With IoT-powered applications, Santa knows when to expect delays in supplies and adjusts accordingly to avoid or reduce interruptions.
  • Workplace safety wearables: While Santa’s workshop is indeed jolly and filled with merriment, it can be dangerous. The unique combination of electric tools, forklifts, hot chocolate and dancing creates unusually risky conditions. Should an accident occur, a wide range of data about the incident is captured via wearable IoT sensors embedded in the elves’ uniforms. Santa uses that data to make important safety adjustments.
  • mHealth apps: The physical toll leading up to and including Santa’s big run isn’t to be ignored. It’s important that he’s in tip-top shape – especially at his age. Using wearable healthcare devices, he can keep an eye on his vitals and get in touch with his primary care physician if anything seems abnormal. He has been advised to cut back on cookies this year – we’ll see.
  • Inventory apps: With a combination of RFID and GPS, Santa and the elves use IoT tracking apps to find any toy in the warehouse at a moment’s notice. With billions of gifts to deliver, IoT helps to ensure every little boy and girl wakes up to everything they’ve asked for.
  • Asset tracking: Once Santa leaves the North Pole, the elves use IoT sensors to track the packages. They can alert Santa if a toy has fallen off the sleigh or accidentally left at the wrong house. Yes, it happens from time to time. Remember the year you got that Big Wheel you didn’t ask for?
  • Sleigh sensors: The last thing Santa needs is a breakdown. Time is of the essence, so outfitting the sleigh with IoT sensors that track potential mechanical issues is extremely helpful. Some repairs can be addressed remotely from the North Pole, while others require to Santa make a quick fix between deliveries. It’s also worth mentioning that Santa’s sleigh falls under the new ELD mandate, requiring him to switch from physical to electronic records for his deliveries. Santa is both jolly and compliant.
  • Weather apps: Few things help keep the big guy on track each Christmas Eve more than weather apps. Conditions vary across the globe, and having meteorological insight helps him to design the most efficient routes to ensure all toys are delivered on time.
  • Post-run alert: Sensors can alert everyone back at the North Pole that all toys have been delivered and that the post-delivery party can begin!

If IoT can keep Santa on track, it can help your organization, too. Learn how KORE can assist you with IoT solutions for your “workshop.”

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