Re-Inventing Holiday Classics with IoT

Karen Buckley, VP Marketing

This time of year, there is nothing better than kicking back and watching a true holiday classic movie. But have you ever stopped to wonder how the IoT would have changed the storyline of our favorite flicks? Probably not – but we have. Consider the following adaptations.

Home Alone

The original version: A family loses power during the night, which starts the chaos of waking up late, rushing to the airport and forgetting their youngest son, Kevin, in the progress.  The McAllister family is further tormented by burglars, Harry and Marv, who Kevin is forced to fend off during his stay alone in the family home.

The IoT Smart version: The McAllister family all have smart watches, family tracking apps, and an IoT-enabled smart home security monitoring system.  So they wake up on-time, gather their family in multiple shuttles to the airport, track each other along the way, and arrive in Paris fully rested and ready to enjoy their stay.  Harry and Marv are caught by police the moment they go through the basement door at the McAllister house and spend their holidays awaiting trial in the county jail.


The original version: Buddy, an orphan baby, unknowingly crawls into one of Santa’s bags, lands in the North Pole, is raised by elves and doesn’t learn of his biological father until he is a grown man. During Buddy’s attempt to build a relationship with his biological father, Christmas chaos ensues when Santa’s sleigh crashes in Central Park and threatens to ruin Christmas.

The IoT Smart version: IoT sensors are used on Santa’s gift bags that alert elves of a change of weight and packages, thus allowing the elves to notify Santa immediately to check his bag. Santa would have discovered the baby and returned him to his biological father at the right moment to ensure that their life together would be perfect. As the baby would never have made it to the North Pole, he would not have been raised by elves, nor returned to New York, thus changing Santa’s flight path on Christmas Eve twenty years later; meaning no sleigh crash or drop in Christmas spirit, making the movie really about a father being reunited with his baby on Christmas Eve.

Frosty the Snowman

The original version: Children are outside playing in the snow, making a snowman, and when Professor Hinkle’s magic hat lands on the snowman’s head, he comes to life and becomes known as “Frosty.” The children rejoice, play, and engage in winter merriment – until the temperatures begin to rise and they become afraid for Frosty’s life. The children decide to transport Frosty to the North Pole where he’ll be safe; with no note to their parents of where they have gone.

The IoT Smart Version: The children place IoT-enabled sensors on Frosty to ensure they can monitor the correct conditions to keep him happy and safe.  They monitor the weather through sophisticated IoT weather apps and determine the best travel time for Frosty to migrate to colder destinations, while providing him with detailed travel plans through their smart phones and GPS systems. The movie really becomes a feel-good story of friends staying in touch through real-time video chats while Frosty travels the world in search of the perfect snow.

Christmas Vacation

The original version: Clark Griswold has big plans for a fun old-fashioned, family Christmas.  He covers the house’s exterior with 25,000 twinkle lights, powered entirely through his garage’s light switch.  Chaos ensues when the light switch keeps turning the lights off and Clark can’t figure out what is wrong.  When the lights finally come on, they cause a citywide power shortage and plunge the entire neighborhood into darkness.

The IoT Smart version: Clark utilized a Smart Home solution to provide connectivity, smart outlets, programmable lights, and an IoT-enabled app on his tablet to not only get his lights to come on, but to be programmed to turn on and off to his favorite Christmas songs.  Smart city sensors also allowed his hometown to monitor the power usage and ensure that they could cover the additional wattage - no power outages were reported.  Neighbors surrounded the house in awe and praised Clark on his Christmas spirit, while people came from surrounding towns to see the beautiful lighting display.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The original version: The Bailey Brothers’ Building and Loan business was plunged into turmoil when Uncle Billy went to the bank to deposit $8,000, but accidentally gets it stolen by their nemesis, Mr. Potter. When faced with federal charges for embezzlement, George Bailey spirals into depression and wishes he was never born.

The IoT Smart version: The Baily Brothers’ Building and Loan business utilizes a managed tablet solution and an IoT-enabled banking application that allows them to deposit funds quickly and easily without ever having to leave the comfort of their office.  Armored cars are dispatched to their location to receive these funds and are tracked through advanced applications to ensure delivery to the Federal Reserve.  George need never worry about racketeering or embezzlement charges and can focus on his next family vacation to Bora Bora.

Hmm. On second thought, it looks like IoT wouldn’t have had the most entertaining impact on our favorite holiday classics. Maybe we should just enjoy them as they are.

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