Remote Monitoring and Control Cuts Energy Waste and Costs for Outdoor Advertisers

Robert Metzler

OutdoorLink_Billboard_at_NightFor many consumer-focused companies, outdoor advertising channels, such as billboards, are important ways to promote products and services. It’s an efficient and sometimes inexpensive way to raise awareness. However, for the companies that own billboards, such as Lamar Advertising, it can sometimes there are many challenges with costs and energy-related expenses with lighting issues and the need for manual labor when it comes to shutting down a billboard.

With revenue lost every day a billboard is unsold, Lamar Advertising knew it had to find a way to cut costs and reduce energy usage.

Fortunately, KORE customer OutdoorLink, Inc. devised a way for companies to remotely monitor and control all aspects of billboard lighting, as well as other exterior commercial lighting needs. OutdoorLink’s SmartLink™ is a cellular M2M controller designed for the outdoor billboard industry to remotely control and monitor billboard lighting. SmartLink includes a web-based interface with cellular applications that allows customers to control four separate billboards independently on multiple networks. In addition, SmartLink allows customers to set lighting times based on exact sunrise/sunset via GPS coordinates, while also providing real time monitoring alerts to notify users of power outages, bulb issues, power restore and even when the lights have been tampered with. SmartLink provides customers with 24/7 customer support and easy integration and charting to help businesses increase operational efficiency, cut costs and decrease energy use and waste, all while running on the dependable KORE network.

SmartLink and KORE have helped companies like Lamar Advertising achieve a two year ROI via utility savings, eliminate free advertising and achieve 5-10 percent additional cost savings on top of the utility savings. Not only did KORE help OutdoorLink customers power their SmartLink application, they also helped customers seamlessly make the transition from 2G cellular networks to 3G, while also offering a variety of connectivity options to their customers (GSM and CDMA) as well as being able to deploy internationally. With over 60,000 installations of SmartLink and counting, KORE is looking forward to helping other customers reach their energy and cost reduction needs by providing seamless connectivity to help companies remotely keep an eye on their outdoor advertising interests.

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