Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part VI: Consolidation in the IoT

Alex Brisbourne

As the Internet-of-Things becomes more wildly adopted across verticals from fleet management to retail, a growing number of wireless companies will try to join the race of being the best provider of IoT connectivity services. With more providers comes inevitable consolidation across the industry – smaller companies will be looking to provide larger companies, likely the buyers, with a special edge and value in order to be absorbed by the bigger and best in the industry.

The Internet-of-Things is going to continue to grow and become a viable option in increasing efficiencies and operations in businesses, while also creating ease of use for consumers and connected technologies. With little differentiation in service, IoT providers must look to smaller companies looking to break out onto the scene in order to add newer, creative and more tailored services to their portfolios. Connectivity giants like AT&T and T-Mobile will be on the prowl to gather up these smaller companies, so other IoT and M2M providers looking to stay competitive will need to turn to consolidation as well as mergers and acquisitions in order to stay on top. Some companies will undoubtedly fall out of the picture, but will still be important in the industry in terms of bringing fresh platforms and solutions to the table, just under a different umbrella.

KORE has always been a leader in the IoT and M2M industry and has remained creative and constantly evolving thanks to many acquisitions over the last few years, including the acquisition of Wyless, Raco Wireless and Jazz. Each of these business moves has helped KORE differentiate its offering and increase platform capabilities and range. Call 877-958-5498 today to find out if KORE is the right choice for your IoT needs. 

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