Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part VII: The Rise of Plug & Play IoT

Alex Brisbourne

In past years, IT leaders grappled with the challenges of 1) Architecting an Internet of Things infrastructure, and 2) Building it. These pioneers ventured into the unknown, locating vendors to help provide disparate pieces to a larger and most mysterious puzzle. One partner might provide reliable wireless connectivity, another would deliver suitable sensors while yet a third, fourth and tenth provided anything from software to consulting. Bringing IoT capabilities to a business was a challenging task in every regard, not the least of which was locating and managing a breadth of partnerships with technologies of varying levels of compatibility and interoperability. 

In 2017, we will see further adoption of end-to-end IoT solutions. In very recent years, comprehensive IoT offerings have relieved IT strain while delivering very real cost and efficiency savings that resonate up to the C-suite. All-in-one IoT partners will gain increasing appeal this year by:

  • Accelerating time-to-market schedules. With IoT device innovation at a dizzying frenzy, it’s often the first player that captures valuable business and consumer market share. End-to-end IoT providers will deliver this competitive advantage while other organizations struggle to build an infrastructure in the background, wasting valuable cycles.
  • Providing on-demand technical expertise and support without the need to hire in-house staff. IT challenges and outages are always a possibility. Comprehensive IoT solution providers will gain favor with high uptime and reduce the cost of IT support services.
  • Acquire seamlessly interoperable hardware, routers, sensors and management platforms that execute on day one and eliminate the cumbersome vetting and procurement process. Key partnerships will virtually eliminate technical setbacks that often create delays.
  • Gain rapid certification through experienced partners with vast knowledge of in-country requirements and permitting procedures.
  • Access ubiquitous connectivity across multiple worldwide wireless networks and even satellite options for rural and trans-oceanic environments.

The marketplace for IoT innovations continues to move swiftly, spurred by both consumer excitement and the realization of significant business efficiencies. 2017 will bring increased interest, innovation and implementation of new ideas and offerings. Enabling these products and services, which is no easy task given the frenetic pace and market demands, will further fuel the popularity and adoption of experienced partners that deliver solutions to help innovators realize and accelerate time-to-market schedules.

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