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5 Best Practices to Reduce IoT Security Risk

On 12/04/2017  by Justin Smith, Security Director
In a recent blog, we explored five must-haves to reduce security risks associated with IoT endpoints. These include: data encryption, access control, continuous monitoring, quality network partners and secure foundation. In this installm...
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IoT Security Reaches Congress

On 11/21/2017  by Justin Smith, Security Director
IoT security now has some influential eyes on it. Earlier this year, U.S. Senators Steve Daines, Cory Gardner, Mark Warner and Ron Wyden introduced the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017, which seeks to set a baseli...
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IoT Security: More Connections, More Risks

On 11/15/2017  by Justin Smith, Security Director
According to a recent Ponemon study, only 30 percent of respondents said their organization dedicates an appropriate segment of its budget to secure mobile applications and IoT devices. As the number of IoT endpoints skyrockets, this low...
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IoT Security: Why Encryption is No Longer Enough

On 08/15/2017  by Justin Smith, Security Director
Earlier this month, a bipartisan group in the U.S. Senate announced plans to introduce legislation that addresses security vulnerabilities in IoT devices used by the federal government. The measure includes four prerequisites for any IoT...
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