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IoT Data Opens New Revenue Streams

We have recently explored how data collected by IoT applications is unlocking new capabilities and driving the service economy to new heights. One of the leading providers of GPS monitoring services in the U.S., Mexico, and other countri...
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Using IoT Data to Proactively Reduce Risk 

As we recently discussed, the amount of data created by the Internet of Things (IoT) is perhaps just as impressive as the capabilities it can create for businesses. A recent study estimates that the amount of data currently produced in t...
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IoT and the Service Monetization Opportunity

At the height of the industrial economy, productivity was something you could see, touch, or feel – think: crops, cars, and other goods. The shift to a service-based economy has changed that. Productivity is less tangible, measured by mo...
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IoT, Data, and the Changing Business Model 

We currently find ourselves in the midst of what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But what does that mean, exactly? In each of the previous three, an innovative spark completely disrupted business models and led to rapi...
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Developing your IoT Framework

Many companies, across all industries, face challenges with the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, driving them to continue to deploy "single-point solutions" that focus on the IoT technology and are limited in their busin...
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IoT for the Greater Good

We recently explored some of the interesting lines of discussion at this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco. While we talked quite a bit about the ways IoT will help transform businesses, there was also significant in...
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3 Reasons to Consider a Smart-Content Strategy

Content and media have long been the primary forces behind advertising, marketing, and brand reputation; but with the evolution of mobility and the IoT, companies can now leverage these tools with unprecedented levels of efficiency enabl...
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