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Connected Camera brings Added Safety to School Bus Routes

Posted by Felix Chuang on 08/21/2014
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Every parent’s hope – sometimes their singular hope – is for their kids to spend every moment of every day in a safe and nurturing environment. And if you’re like me, you put tremendous trust in factors beyond your control every school day morning that they make it from point A to point B without any mishaps. While you may always trust yourself or trust the school bus driver, the other drivers on the road are a constant X-factor.

Now, while everyone with a driver’s license should know it’s illegal to pass a school bus when it is stopped with its lights flashing and stop sign out, it sadly comes to pass that some drivers don’t always follow this law and, in so doing, put your children in danger. Which is why I for one am grateful that the Internet-of-Things and M2M is being put to incredible use by school districts and law enforcement is cracking down on such offenders.

According to Decaturish.com, the City Schools of Decatur in the Atlanta metro area will begin using new technology to stop drivers who try to illegally pass stopped school buses. The school system has moved forward with American Traffic Solutions’ CrossingGuard® technology to deter such reprehensible behavior and outright catch violators. The CrossingGuard® technology uses external cameras on the bus to capture images of a vehicle’s license plate, as well as a brief video clip of the entire violation event. The cameras then use a wireless network to send the video and photo to local police, within moments of it occurring, who then review the video and can issue an automatic citation to the driver. Payment collection and court support are also included as part of the program to see the violations stand up. About 99 percent of people who have been caught using this system haven’t received a second violation, which tells us the application is having its intended effect, creating a safer environment.

When M2M-driven applications like this can keep students and drivers safe, and provide parents with a tangible peace of mind – it really gives us at KORE a sense of pride at just how much our network can accomplish. It is yet another example of M2M making people’s lives safer, easier and more fulfilling.

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