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International M2M – You Are Now Free to Roam About the Globe

Posted by Robert Metzler on 05/19/2011

The macro trend in business these days, if ever I was one to state the obvious, is toward globalization. From supply chain in manufacturing to technology to business services, companies without an international footprint simply will not be competitive on the scale that harnesses efficiencies, reduces costs and grows revenues.

As with every other market sector, business-driven M2M services carry a requirement to cross national boundaries in a seamless, cost-conscious manner. The demand is particularly strong for any business that is built upon ensuring continuous tracking and management of an asset, anywhere on the globe – from microchip manufacturers to commodities specialty companies. Consistent and reliable M2M services are also critical in the global supply chain, where a company needs to track a cargo shipment, or a single item in a cargo bay, as it makes its way across continents and oceans, from factory floor to ultimate destination.

There is no such thing as a "home market" for asset tracking in today's business environment. At the same time, there is also no place for the complex, sometimes frustrating, multiplicity of national and regional carrier relationships that used to be the only way to make global connectivity possible. Today's businesses require a simple to understand and manage non-roaming, single carrier relationship with a single management platform and a single invoice.

The trick is to make global connectivity simple and readily consumable for fiscal-minded global enterprises, and to ensure that M2M applications will function as required anywhere on the planet. To do this requires combining satellite and multi-technology cellular services into a single network resource, so that devices can communicate from anywhere, whether it is the middle of the ocean or an out-of-the way terrestrial pocket.

As a virtual network operator, we at KORE have the unique ability to combine Tier-1, in-country network connectivity with optimized GSM, CDMA and satellite services onto a single network offering, controlled by one business and technology management platform. With localized rating and service management embedded in the control module, M2M users have the power to activate and provision any given SIM or device from virtually any location.

We call it KORE Global Connect, and we built it through our long-term, direct relationships with leading multi-national cellular and satellite partners including but not limited to AT&T, Rogers, Vodafone Group and Iridium Communications. KORE Global Connect covers more than 170 countries, with a single access point for billing, support, logistics and relationship management. We believe this will remove barriers from truly global M2M deployments, so that organizations can more easily apply it to track cargo, maintain capital assets or even receive critical medical data from a traveling patient in real-time, literally from anywhere across the globe.

Robert Metzler, EVP Sales and Marketing
With over 20 years experience in leading winning sales teams, Bob joins KORE to drive adoption of KORE in the market by capitalizing on our unique service, management and billing capabilities, coupled with the most comprehensive and skilled network of partners, all dedicated to delivering the most reliable and relevant solutions for our customers, every day

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