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Prime Time M2M: Creating Revenue Realities

Posted by Robert Metzler on 10/27/2011

We've talked a lot about how M2M reduces costs and creates efficiencies for global enterprises, but the more eye-catching component of the "connected device" phenomenon is the ability to enable value-added, revenue-generating services. Recently, I've noticed that an increasing frequency of household brands are spending their primetime advertising dollars to promote what are, essentially, M2M services that create new revenue streams, or, as I like to refer to them, "revenue realities". To me, this is a telltale sign that M2M has crossed the threshold from emerging to mainstream and is thus making its presence felt in the boardroom as much as within companies' IT organizations.

Recent examples you have probably seen:

  • Chevrolet bases its new Cruze campaign on "remote control," where the main character toys with the family car as it sits in the driveway at her home … from her seat on an airplane.
  • Apple touts the iPhone's ability to ease peace-of-mind on family trips by enabling the parents to turn living room lights off and on, from the airport or from their vacation spot.
  • IBM's "Smarter Planet" series provides a vision for refrigerators that order groceries and air conditioners that respond to weather reports, among other conveniences.

These "cool features" are all classic M2M, and each of the above campaigns specifically calls out the M2M component as the reason that people should buy these products.

The beauty is we don't all have to be direct-to-consumer automakers or electronics companies to recognize the revenue potential of M2M. At KORE, we are dedicated to guiding our customers — businesses who provide these types of services — through the challenging network and fiscal aspects of delivering content-rich data services, even across global borders, so that imagination truly becomes the only limiting factor for how machines can connect and communicate with other machines and systems. Remote control, indeed.

Robert Metzler, EVP Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years experience in leading winning sales teams, Bob joins KORE to drive adoption of KORE in the market by capitalizing on our unique service, management and billing capabilities, coupled with the most comprehensive and skilled network of partners, all dedicated to delivering the most reliable and relevant solutions for our customers, every day.

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