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The Internet-of-Things: Now Helping You Make Beer from Scratch

Posted by Felix Chuang on 07/16/2014
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BrewbotWe’ve talked a lot on this blog about how the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will enable you to interact with your home and possessions via the internet, while these “objects” also interact with one another. We already see this reality with technological advances such as Google Glass, security systems that enable you to monitor your home from your phone and turnstiles at sporting events that are completely void of human ticket takers. Now, according to a recent article from Business Insider, the Internet-of-Things can help you become a brewmaster, guiding you through the beer-making process using your iPhone.

A new robotic appliance, the Brewbot, works in tandem with an app on your smartphone to help you brew your own beer. After selecting your ingredients (according to a number of recipe options), all you do is add water and the Brewbot guides you through the rest. From sending alerts and directions to your smartphone alerting you to add certain ingredients, to letting you know how long things must boil and ferment, the Brewbot and your smartphone help you get a handle on your own personal microbrew.

The Internet-of-Things is helping push ease-of-use concepts like this one forward. With connected devices playing a larger role in our daily lives, it’s new applications and technologies like this one that prove a truly connected reality is not too far off. Soon, our Brewbot is going to be telling our fridge to start chilling some glasses for a fresh batch of beer that is almost ready. Without seamless cellular and satellite networks like those offered by KORE, these types of new devices and applications wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other and you’d have to enjoy a nice cold one the old fashioned—drive your “connected car” to the local grocery or liquor store.

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