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The "Point" of M2M in Point of Purchase

Posted by Peter West on 08/02/2011

Walking through any Apple Store, you will most likely notice the masses of people milling about, experimenting with various technology-related products; phones, computers, tablets, etc.

PhoneBut have you ever noticed what happens when it is time to make a purchase? Instead of walking to the back of the store and standing in an endless line, all you have to do is flag down an Apple Store employee and hand them a credit card. With one quick swipe down the side of an iPhone your transaction is complete. You then have the option to simply get your receipt sent to you via email, or the Apple rep can have a paper copy printed by touching a key on their iPhone and have it printed via wireless connection to the nearest print kiosk in the stores.


Welcome to the hassle-free world of point of purchase (POP) and wireless payment processing. While revolutionizing the consumer's purchasing experience, point of purchase applications allow for businesses to reach their customers through innovative ways while providing complete buying freedom. These wireless payment applications and myriad of devices, from cell phones to dedicated credit card readers, are all powered by machine-to-machine (M2M) network technology.

Transmitting transaction data via secure wireless M2M networks allows point of purchase and payment processing to happen virtually anywhere, at any time, for any service or item. For example, instead of taking your credit card number over the phone, your local pizza delivery person can simply swipe your card while standing on your front porch. This convenience of payment processing at your front door is met with the added security of knowing that your private information is that much more secure.

As the world trends toward wireless functionally, it only makes sense for consumer-based products and services to make purchasing as carefree as possible and offering the ease of point of purchase technology is as simple as sliding a credit card.

KORE powers a number of point-of-sale M2M applications through companies like Blue Bamboo, which offer a wide range of wireless payment solutions including comparable point of purchase technology to that utilized by Apple Stores worldwide.

So the next time you're out at a restaurant, walking past a vending machine or renting a movie from a kiosk, there is a good chance you may be paying for your desired good or service via an M2M device, application and network. And for those on the business side of the point of sale equation, you need to make sure that your wireless payment system is operational 24x7. There is revenue at stake!

By Peter West, Business Development

With over 12 years of experience in the wireless industry specializing in wireless data applications and solutions, Pete joined KORE 3.5 years ago. Pete's main focus at KORE is in Electronic Transactions and MRM applications and he spends his days helping companies launch their application using KORE network services. His expertise in the MRM industry stems from his time at Gearworks (now owned by Xora) where he helped launch Verizon's field force manager mobile MRM application to help them enter the world of GPS.

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