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KORE Wins “M2M Innovative Solution of the Year” Award in 2021 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

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Annual IoT Breakthrough Awards Program Recognizes Standout Internet of Things Companies and Products

ATLANTA – January 11, 2021 KORE, the independent global IoT leader, today announced that its KORE eSIM Device Validation Tool has been selected as the winner of the “M2M Innovative Solution of the Year” award in the 5th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program conducted by IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet of Things (IoT) market today.

The KORE eSIM Device Validation Tool simplifies the process of device validation, empowering users to validate devices themselves, and in just under 15 minutes, instead of having to ship out a device and wait a few weeks for validation. The self-service KORE eSIM Device Validation Tool includes a complimentary starter kit for those looking to get started with eSIM.

Seamlessly integrated with the KORE Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) and ConnectivityPro, eSIM Device Validation Tool helps companies and users rapidly ensure that their devices can operate in an eSIM environment.

“The GSMA’s eUICC or eSIM standard is the wave of the future, and as the global independent leader in delivering IoT solutions including connectivity, we believe the world will see a massive volume growth of eSIM over the coming years,” said Romil Bahl, President and CEO at KORE. “With this type of volume, it is vital that a device’s eSIM interoperability is tested before deploying to the field to detect and identify device eSIM functionality issues before they jeopardize the success of a project. Our new eSIM Device Validation Tool creates the industry’s quickest and easiest process to validate devices.”

Additionally, the KORE eSIM Device Validation Tool offers two ways to check a device’s eSIM-to-network compatibility. Extended Validation runs a thorough check of the device’s compatibility with the eSIM protocol, while Quick Validation runs a simple diagnostic with one eSIM command to verify connectivity has not been affected. Users have access to a validation history, which provides historic test data as well as real-time information on all ongoing validations.

The mission of the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is to recognize the innovators, leaders and visionaries from around the globe in a range of IoT categories, including Industrial and Enterprise IoT, Smart City technology, Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car, and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 3,850 nominations from companies all over the world.

“As the Internet of Things industry continues to mature, the cost and complexity of many IoT projects still remains a critical challenge,“ said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “KORE is addressing these challenges head-on, empowering organizations to simplify and speed IoT deployment with ‘breakthrough’ self-service device validation and auto-provisioning. We are thrilled to recognize KORE as a leading innovator in the IoT and M2M space for 2021 and we extend our sincere congratulations to the entire team at KORE for their well-deserved industry recognition.”


About KORE
KORE is a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor delivering transformative business performance. KORE empowers organizations of all sizes to improve operational and business results by simplifying the complexity of IoT. KORE has a deep IoT knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and deployment agility to accelerate and materially impact customers’ business outcomes.

About IoT Breakthrough
Part of the Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership, the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in Internet-of-Things technologies, services, companies and products. The IoT Breakthrough Awards program provides a forum for public recognition around the achievements of IoT companies and products in categories including Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Smart City, Consumer IoT and more. For more information visit IoTBreakthrough.com.

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