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4 Essential Steps for Getting Started with Location-Based Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to reshape nearly every industry, making operations more efficient, increasing productivity, and even saving lives. For many industries, IoT solutions that take advantage of Location-Based Services (LBS) are delivering the most value.

IoT Healthcare Success: Navigating Network Shutdowns and Migrations

When the first IoT devices were deployed, enabling machines to transmit small parcels of data over cellular networks, a 2G network connection was the only choice. As cellular technology continues to advance, allowing faster speeds and higher bandwidths, cellular carriers have already, and will continue to shutdown legacy-technology networks--severely impacting IoT providers, enablers, and users. While the impact is more significant in some verticals than others, organizations using IoT Healthcare solutions – especially those with dispersed end user groups – face enormous challenges migrating their devices to the latest cellular connectivity technology.  While maintaining the continuity of cellular connectivity is important for all IoT applications;  ensuring continuous coverage of IoT healthcare devices, in particular, can be literally, a matter of life or death.  

Identifying Gaps in Your Endpoint Lifecycle Management Strategy

Every IoT solution has an endpoint device out in the field collecting and transmitting data via network connectivity to a cloud platform, data center, or back-office system. While there are many IoT solution components, everything centers around the endpoint – which is key to data collection – and that endpoint has a lifecycle, which is something many organizations struggle to manage.