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IoT in Transport & Logistics: Driving Innovation

KORE Presenter: Kayleigh Thomas and Rory Maher
Customer: Rudy Nemeth, VP of Sales - Velocitor Solutions and Jan Willem Hijmering, MD - Rietveld Truck Rendement Service
Date/Time: September 29th at 10 AM ET / 3 PM UK

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Government regulations, explosive growth in online shopping, and volatile fuel prices are just some of the factors complicating the fleet and logistics industry. One of the key technologies helping mitigate some of the many challenges faced, is IoT and the real-time data gathered from asset and vehicle trackers, sensors and cameras to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

In this webinar, you will hear the latest insights from leading IoT analyst Kaleido Intelligence from a recent study titled ‘Serving the Enterprise: The Cellular IoT Connectivity Opportunity’. This study gathers key data points and responses from IoT cellular adopters and non-adopters in transport and logistics on the themes of complexity, roaming, security eSIM and private LTE/5G. Also, ask all your questions and hear from Industry experts including KORE, Velocitor Solutions and Rietveld Truck Rendement Service as we delve into the world of IoT.


  • Unveiling of survey results
  • Customer Roundtable
  • Top three transport and logistics innovations

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