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Questex/Fierce Wireless webinar: GCP + KORE

Event Date: May 10, 2023

Facing the New IoT Landscape with Hyperscalers
KORE and Google Cloud Bringing IoT into the Next Generation
Well over two decades into the making, the realities of IoT have proven that it is a hugely beneficial technology but the runway to launch is complicated with hurdles. Seeing long-term success in IoT requires trusted partnerships with key stakeholders and continuing to refine and enhance the technology behind IoT. One of the major driving forces is the IoT core platform and a significant offering developed and managed by hyperscalers. In this webinar, KORE and Google Cloud will discuss:

  • The role of hyperscalers in IoT
  • How hyperscalers are changing with the needs of IoT
  • Why KORE and Google Platform are collaborating to bring simplicity to IoT

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