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IMC: IoT Technology Fuels Smarter Healthcare, Workplaces, and Cars at CES

IoT Technology Fuels Smarter Healthcare, Workplaces, and Cars
Session II: Edge Compute in Health/Wellness

January 14, 2021


In the health & wellness sector – where IoT technology investment is expected to double by 2025 – wearables were in some ways the cutting edge of edge compute applications, but they’re now being surpassed by implantables and ingestibles. IoT infrastructure has already revolutionized how care is provided to sufferers of diabetes, asthma, and heart ailments. Expect new applications in predictive healthcare and medications management to come soon with the pandemic as an accelerator.

Moderator: Anne Hoyer, Founder, GSH Tech Agent


Scott Ellis, VP Connectivity, Telit
Bryan Lubel, EVP, Connected Health, KORE
Scott Schwalbe, CEO/CO-Founder, NimbeLink
Jonathan Weiss, VP Emerging Technologies, Software AG

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