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Using IoT to Connect with Customers in Today's Evolving Business Environment

Speakers: Bryan Lubel, Scott Laliberte, Protiviti, Keri Leone, Sr. Director Medical Science Liaison, Dexcom
Wednesday, June 24 @ 12 pm ET, 11 am CT, 9 am PT

Look around. 2020 has illustrated the resiliency and innovation of many companies. We have seen a transformation of the "typical" business model. Organizations in every industry are rethinking how they provide products and services and are asking key questions: How do I connect with my customers? How do I take my product to my customer versus bringing my customer to my product? How can I provide services in new ways to help keep individuals safe?

Leveraging connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) enables organizations to reach customers in their homes - or where ever they are. During this webinar, we'll share how organizations are implementing IoT solutions to modify their traditional product approach to deliver quality products to the market. We'll be joined by a leading connected health organization who will share how they developed and deployed IoT enabled products to transform their business and positively impact the lives of their customers.

At the end of the webinar with KORE and Protiviti, you will be able to:
1. Discuss how organizations are using IoT to adapt and innovate products and services
2. Explain the key aspects of deploying and implementing IoT devices
3. Identify the risks, security considerations, ongoing support and life cycle management aspects of leveraging connected devices
4. Describe how design thinking can help uncover ideas and new ways to reach customers and provide services


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