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Webinar - The COVID-19 Impact on Cellular IoT - an Industry Analysis

Join thought leaders (Telna, Kaleido Intelligence, KORE, SAP and Arqia) on 14th May to discuss the impact that Covid-19 is having and will have on the future of cellular IoT connectivity. Plus, find out the latest analysis and findings from the latest whitepaper that covers cellular IoT growth, industry use cases and recommendations to enable business continuity in a post-COVID-19 world - that registrants get for free during the event.


-Mitigating future risks and managing business continuity with cellular IoT
-How connectivity has changed the business world during the pandemic
-Automation and disaster mitigation strategy enabled by IoT connectivity
-Use cases across the logistics, healthcare, retail and enterprise sectors
-New projections for cellular IoT connections in light of increased demand Register today to reserve your spot!

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