IoT Solutions for Logistics Control

Precisely and effectively track and control what really matters with logistics control IoT solutions. Asset management is much easier with the ability to attach or embed a wireless device with GPS location tracking. Asset tracking telematics solutions can also provide the user with the ability to locate and track the device on a recurring and automated basis or a manual and on-demand one.

Asset Tracking IoT Solutions

Why consider asset tracking IoT solutions? The primary benefits are theft prevention and recovery, which provides a return on investment by reducing or eliminating replacement costs and can even offer insurance savings. IoT solutions for asset tracking and logistics control are applied in a number of industries, including automobile renting and leasing, government, construction equipment, freight and shipping, public transportation, and law enforcement.

Asset tracking has exploded in importance in recent years, partially as a result of government compliance statutes and increased focus on homeland security. For example, the container shipping industry actively implements container identification, monitoring of cargo, and security alerts to avoid tampering. Asset tracking IoT solutions also include explosive and hazardous waste detectors that can alert local authorities to their presence. Considering the amount of cargo entering U.S. and Canadian ports, especially from less regulated countries, IoT solutions for logistics control are evolving as valuable security solutions.

KORE’s Asset Tracking Telematics Solutions

It takes a reliable network and dedicated professionals to deliver wireless data and applications. KORE understands this, which is why we have partnered with leading asset control technology companies to provide integrated and optimized IoT solutions for logistics control. We offer 100% global connectivity thanks to automatic fail-over and dual-mode cellular and satellite services. As a result, asset control specialty providers can ensure that assets do not deviate from intended paths and can provide documentation on the chain of asset custody.

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