Business Continuity with IoT Cellular Backup

You buy insurance to protect your business from unforeseen emergencies like fires and floods. When these things happen, you are reimbursed for property lost so that it can be replaced. Cloud storage solutions keep your saved data safe. But what do you do if your connectivity goes down? That’s time and money lost, plus customer dissatisfaction. Protect your business with broadband contingency planning to prevent service downtime.

IoT Backup Technology

Protecting machinery with battery backups in case of power outages may not protect your data. Even if you have cloud storage solutions backing up your mission-critical data, you cannot access it if you lose network connectivity. IoT cellular backup, however, can prevent this downtime.

IoT Broadband Contingency Planning with KORE

Most commercial-grade routers have built-in wireless failover capabilities. Taking advantage of this feature is easy with KORE. We can help you with a broadband contingency planning network for keeping your connectivity in place. This way, your business goes uninterrupted if your broadband network goes down. With multiple IoT technologies and networks that support 3G, 4G, and LTE, KORE helps provide IoT cellular backup for your broadband contingency plan.

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