IoT Commercial Lighting

Wireless IoT connectivity is quickly becoming the industry standard for commercial lighting providers. This is particularly beneficial for regulated industries – such as airport lighting – where lights have to be monitored 24/7 to ensure they are operating as intended. IoT technology for commercial lighting prevents undetected service outages which could pose a safety issue or lead to a loss of revenue.

IoT Lighting: Big Lights, Lower Costs

The economics of using IoT technology for commercial lighting enables companies to monitor, control, and manage their commercial lighting solutions more efficiently. With lower operational costs associated with installation and deployments, companies can focus more on other aspects of their business.

IoT Technology in Commercial Lighting: Connectivity Everywhere

KORE is leading the industry by offering specific IoT data plans designed exclusively for commercial lighting providers. The multiple IoT technology and multi-network offerings – including LTE, CDMA, GSM, and even satellite monitoring – provide the connectivity and reliability needed to ensure the best coverage and performance available. Our diverse and expanding set of network providers, combined with our comprehensive business management portal, PRiSMPro, allow KORE to offer the extensive technology, cost controls, flexibility, and centralized management needed by today’s leading commercial lighting solution providers.

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