Digital Signage IoT Solutions

Today’s digital signage solution providers require ubiquitous, high-speed IoT connectivity – something that can only be achieved with multiple technologies and/or multiple networks.


Digital Signage IoT Technology: Lose the Limits

Connecting with a fixed line is not a financially realistic option, but cellular IoT connectivity requires high speeds and high-performance networks. KORE can provide truly global, reliable networks to support your IoT  digital signage technology.


KORE’s Advanced IoT Digital Signage Network

KORE offers specifically designed data plans for digital signage providers. We have the multiple IoT technology and multi-network offerings—including LTE, CDMA, and GSM—needed for today’s demanding, out-of-home environments. Complemented by our comprehensive business management portal, PRiSMPro, KORE provides the technology, cost controls, flexibility, and pricing needed to offer commercial-grade digital signage technology and kiosk solutions to the marketplace.

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