IoT Environmental Monitoring

Until the advent of IoT environmental monitoring wireless technology, the monitoring of a multitude of environmental conditions and regulated locations, such as landfills, wastewater plants, and other potentially harmful operations, was largely a manual process.

Wireless Environmental Monitoring IoT Solutions

Historically, time, lack of technology, lack of automation, and the expense involved limited the actual amount of environmental monitoring that could be accomplished in landfills, wastewater plants, and other hostile locations. The processes were often limited largely to occasional inspections by humans, and locations that absolutely required monitoring would have to pay an exorbitant price. IoT environmental monitoring solutions can be delivered in hostile locations with low-power devices, facilitating reduced monitoring costs while increasing the amount of data that can be captured and transmitted.

IoT Solutions: Protecting the Planet

As Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiatives increase the pressure on industries to report and file detailed and regular reports – not simply exception reports – on critical facilities, wireless environmental monitoring solutions are the answer to simplifying the situation. The use of machine-to-machine environmental monitoring technology started expanding significantly as wireless IoT technology has been applied to more monitoring applications. There are many IoT environmental monitoring solutions in the early adoption phases:

  • Air quality measurement and reporting
  • Irrigation, temperature, pressure, and chemical monitoring
  • Collection of water samples in rivers, lakes, and coral reefs
  • Monitoring of gas and pollutant levels in landfills
  • Measuring and controlling water levels in waste water treatment facilities
  • Flood management of bacterial and water levels

In the case of air quality and many other environmental conditions, IoT environmental monitoring is required and regulated by government agencies. Compliance with regulations at the lowest possible cost will continue to drive the adoption of IoT technology, as will the ability to quickly identify and respond to events where conditions could be dangerous to people or property.

How KORE Can Help with IoT Environmental Monitoring

KORE knows what it takes to deliver wireless data and has partnered with leading environmental monitoring and technology companies to provide integrated and optimized M2M environmental monitoring wireless technology solutions. By offering customized rate plans – such as seasonal pricing for irrigation control systems in agriculture – KORE’s machine-to-machine environmental monitoring provides the lowest cost of service delivery to our partners.

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