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IoT in Healthcare Improves the Quality of Care – and Life

Improving the quality of care, adding convenience, and cutting costs is a recurring theme in the 21st-century medical field as the world population rises and healthcare gets more sophisticated.

Healthcare and IoT Technology

Diagnosis is becoming more complex, and some patients require healthcare access within a moment’s notice. IoT healthcare applications can put an expert “on the spot” anywhere in the world. IoT technology also opens the door to remote patient monitoring solutions for enhancing diagnosis accuracy, ensuring patients prone to getting lost (such as Alzheimer’s patients) can be easily found, and even efficient tracking and monitoring of patient prescription use.

As an example, the Ontario health system estimates that about 30% of dispensed drug programs are not run to completion, costing the province tens of millions of dollars in waste. With KORE’s connectivity solutions and an IoT healthcare application, we could easily remedy this issue.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies can potentially utilize IoT healthcare applications during clinical trials, and they are increasingly studying these uses. IoT in healthcare, specifically pharmaceutical companies, can reduce error rates and ensure that participants take the proper dosages on schedule. As a result, testing can be completed more rapidly during clinical trials and can bring new medicines to market faster and more cost-effectively.

IoT Applications in Healthcare as Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

KORE understands what it takes to deliver wireless data and has partnered with leading healthcare technology companies to provide integrated and optimized IoT healthcare applications services. For example, an IoT remote patient monitoring solution provider can provide comprehensive connectivity for patients using remote monitoring devices, allowing the patient to travel to over 180 countries worldwide and still remain under their doctor’s care without incurring roaming overages.

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