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Partnering to Put the “Smart” in Smart Grid and AMI Wireless Network Service

M2M utility services require a reliable, cost-effective AMI wireless network service to take full advantage of automated metering infrastructure (AMI) capabilities. Can your M2M AMI services handle the pressure?

M2M Utility Services

The intricate system of smart meters, communication networks, and data management systems needs to have a reliable connection to the AMI wireless network service in order to be cost effective. By allowing two-way communication between utilities and customers, these M2M utility services increase accountability and efficiency; but if the network goes down, problems and losses can pile up quickly.

KORE’s M2M Utility Solutions

Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) wireless network service requires reliable, cost-effective data backhaul communication services. At KORE, we have partnered with leading utility Smart Grid OEM technology and AMI wireless network service companies to deliver integrated and optimized M2M utility services. KORE offers optimized rate plans for utility customers, including pooled plans for low-usage demand response applications. For more data-intense requirements, we offer affordable, higher-bandwidth-usage plans. KORE offers several AMI wireless network solutions for the utility industry, such as the PRiSMPro Gateway, our business management platform. This platform is equipped with a single interface for provisioning and controlling various connectivity services. With KORE, you get 100% global connectivity—you can rely on us and your customers can rely on you.

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