IoT solutions for asset monitoring add automation and intelligence to asset management and asset tracking operations. By attaching or embedding an IoT sensor to “things” such as vehicles, shipping containers, or medical devices, companies can actively monitor asset-specific information on a pre-determined basis. The use cases for asset monitoring IoT solutions are incredibly broad, and the insights and control they provide offer significant benefits. 

Regulatory demands and competitive pressures have influenced an increasing number of organizations to implement connected asset monitoring solutions. However, many organizations are constrained by an over-abundance of fragmented services and tools that result in IoT complexity.

woman using asset monitoring solutions to check inventory in grocery store

As an independent, expert advisor with nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE is positioned to help customers simplify and manage the entire IoT deployment lifecycle to successfully implement asset monitoring solutions. With our technology-agnostic approach, we can help you maximize the value of your IoT investment by enabling IoT solutions that generate visibility into asset status, ensure optimal asset performance, and ultimately increase asset value to impact the bottom line.

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In the face of overwhelming IoT complexity, KORE understands that each business has its own asset monitoring solution requirements. This is why we take a complete, end-to-end approach for deploying, managing, and maintaining IoT solutions that produce insights and deliver value to your business.

As your single source provider, we help you implement asset monitoring IoT solutions that drive ROI through essential benefits like theft prevention, shipment protection, insurance savings, and improved out-patient results.

man in plaid shirt uses asset monitoring solution in greenhouse


IoT Business Solutions At Work

man uses asset monitoring solution on phone to manage semitrucks location

Fleet: Fleet Telematics

By implementing asset monitoring IoT solutions for fleet management, fleet managers benefit from access to centralized, vital insights into specific areas of vehicle diagnostics and driver performance. With access to data regarding the specific status of fleet vehicles and drivers, businesses can effectively obtain regulatory compliance for HOS, improve driver behavior, and build maintenance analytics to prevent unexpected vehicle repairs.

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Healthcare: Out-Patient Monitoring

In the IoT healthcare space, out-patient monitoring solutions can be implemented to continuously monitor the performance of medical devices and ensure optimal functionality and availability. With real-time monitoring of patient biometrics via these connected medical devices, healthcare providers can implement accurate, preventative care and facilitate self-care education to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

asset monitoring solutions keep products safe in transit

Logistics: Cold-Chain Monitoring

With asset monitoring solutions, logistics and supply chain managers can continuously monitor temperature levels for perishable foods and other items to maintain quality and remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues should they arise. With constant access to container data, logistics companies can reduce waste, eliminate storage facility downtime, and improve operational efficiencies.

Industrial: Equipment Monitoring

Industrial organizations can continuously monitor equipment to ensure optimal functionality and availability, and remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues should anomalies be detected. With constant access to equipment data, industrial companies can reduce costs and improve efficiencies by maintaining equipment health to eliminate unplanned downtime.

man in yellow hard hat uses asset monitoring solutions at construction site

Construction: Equipment Monitoring

Construction managers can leverage IoT equipment monitoring to ensure worker safety, operational efficiency, and inventory control. By remotely monitoring and troubleshooting issues before they arise, construction teams can mitigate negative impacts to equipment health, improving both bottom-line costs and operational uptime.

women use asset monitoring solutions to monitor vehicle

Insurance: Usage-Based Insurance

By implementing asset monitoring IoT solutions for auto insurance customers, insurers can accurately monitor and measure factors such as driving frequency, speed, acceleration, and braking to develop personalized policy agreements. With customized, safety-based insurance rates, insurance organizations can better service customers while encouraging safer driver behavior and reducing insurance claim costs.

person uses asset monitoring solutions to take picture of vehicle engine on tablet

Automotive: Vehicle Telematics

By implementing asset monitoring IoT solutions for vehicle telematics, automakers can add value for their customers by offering access to centralized, vital insights into specific areas of vehicle diagnostics. With access to data regarding the specific status of their vehicles, customers benefit from preventative maintenance, automatic safety alerts, and ultimately an extension of their vehicle’s life.

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