Whether you are tracking industrial equipment, fleet vehicles, construction tools, or people – precise, real-time data from location-based services and tracking solutions can be a critical factor in ensuring optimal operational efficiencies, security, and financial health for your business.

However, location-based services and IoT tracking solutions vary greatly and have different capabilities to service different industries and different use cases. Ranging from applications that provide raw location information to those that offer fully connected ecosystems for location data aggregation, selecting and adapting the correct IoT solutions to suit your unique business requirements can present issues. Add to this the challenge of navigating IoT complexity, and it is clear to see where organizations may fail to achieve ROI in their IoT deployments.

man in orange safety vest scan boxes in warehouse to monitor via iot location tracking

KORE is an independent IoT expert that has spent decades empowering organizations to reach optimal results with tailored IoT location tracking solutions. Because we take an agnostic approach to IoT wireless network technologies, IoT devices, and applications, we enable comprehensive and customized IoT-enabled location tracking solutions for multiple industries. By enabling real-time location data and data analytics, KORE helps businesses maximize the value of their IoT investments

medical professionals use iot location tracking on helicopter

We understand that every industry and each organization has its own location-based services, IoT solution, and use case analytics needs. This is why we take a complete, end-to-end approach for deploying, managing, and maintaining location tracking strategies and IoT technology solutions that produce insights and deliver value to your business.

As your trusted advisor, we help you achieve transformative business performance by enabling you to reduce operating costs, improve vehicle tracking and routing efficiencies, minimize vehicle or equipment downtime with preventative measures, and even secure the safety and health of people in your care.

medical professionals use iot location tracking on helicopter

IoT Business Solutions At Work

man in orange safety vest stands between two semitrucks with iot location tracking

Fleet: Fleet Management

IoT location tracking for fleet management enhances capabilities, enabling real-time vehicle information for highly efficient fleet scheduling and utilization, route tracking, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance. Businesses are empowered with enhanced visibility into vehicle location and status, enabling them to reduce operating costs, improve vehicle and driver security, and enhance customer service.

“senior woman holds medical alert device necklace with iot location tracking

Healthcare: People Tracking

With wearable-based people tracking solutions for IoT healthcare, caregivers can track the location of elderly patients and receive emergency alerts or notifications should any accidents occur or other issues arise. With continuous access to real-time location information, aging adults are empowered to maintain independence while providing family members and loved ones with peace of mind.

man in orange safety vest stands in front on shipping containers to monitor iot location tracking

Logistics: Container Tracking

In the logistics’ industry, location-based services and tracking data from IoT technology solutions helps logistics and supply chain professionals better manage container shipments across various modes of transportation. By enabling visibility into real-time container location, logistics companies benefit from automated alerts when containers do not arrive at their destinations as planned, preventing theft and ensuring shipment security while reducing costs.

man scans boxes in warehouse to check iot location tracking status

Industrial: Inventory and Resource Tracking

ioT location tracking in industrial environments increases operational efficiencies by enabling access to real-time location of raw input and final output inventory items, forklifts, pallets, and other pieces of equipment. Industrial companies can also improve worker security with wearable solutions that track employee location to ensure safety in warehouse, manufacturing, or field environments.

man uses tools to cut through concrete

Construction: Material and Equipment Tracking

With location-based services and IoT tracking solutions for building materials, tools, and heavy equipment, construction companies can quickly and easily determine asset availability and location across large or dispersed construction sites. This real-time location data enables businesses to implement more efficient project planning and coordination for reduced costs and accelerated project completion.

woman with headset phone looks and map and uses iot location tracking

Automotive: Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Automakers are empowered to add value to their downstream customers by protecting the security of drivers and their vehicles with stolen vehicle recovery services. By leveraging location tracking IoT technology solutions, automotive organizations can track vehicle location in real-time to proactively prevent theft and quickly implement vehicle recovery should it be stolen.

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