KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT and delivers best-in-class IoT lifecycle management services to help your company navigate the traditionally fragmented IoT ecosystem. We help your business launch IoT solutions quickly and efficiently, as well as manage and maintain them to ensure the highest possible IoT ROI is achieved.

4 Questions to Determine Your IoT Readiness
Many offerings allow companies an affordable and quick entrance into IoT. But there is an important question you have to ask: Are you ready for IoT?



IoT Endpoint Engineering and
Certification Services

Ensure your IoT endpoint devices are compatible with new product ideation, meet the evolving needs of your IoT solution, and are compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Endpoint Design and Development – IoT device and sensor (modular and embedded) design services help meet demands for both new and evolving endpoint requirements
  • Endpoint and Middleware Integration – Design, implement, and optimize endpoint integration with upstream middleware systems and application platforms
  • Device Certification Management – Best-in-class services for quick, efficient, and cost effective achievement of government, industry, and carrier-mandated certifications to device standards

Deployment Services

Deploy your IoT solution quickly and efficiently with deployment services from KORE that accelerate speed-to-market by streamlining and simplifying forward logistics’ processes.

  • Demand Forecasting – KORE works with you to secure future endpoint quantities, by supplier, that will be needed within 30-60-90-120-day windows.
  • Order Management – OEM and advance purchase needs are evaluated and purchase triggers established to ensure working stock is available.
  • Staging & Kitting – Configuration, packaging, testing, shipment, and tracking of devices to your business to speed deployment.
  • Inventory Management – Complete visibility into the flow of components allows for more accurate operational planning at deployment sites.
  • Site Surveys – RF and application performance are pre-qualified at the physical location prior to actual installation to avoid potential delays.
  • Installation & Activation – Turnkey service with endpoint installation and network and application testing and verification, streamlining activation.
  • Asset Management – Tracking and maintaining all devices to ensure all sites have correct and updated equipment required for operational efficiency.

Operational Management

Our operational management services provide support for the daily functions that keep your IoT solution performing optimally, and your internal teams focused on what is core to your business.

  • Help Desk Support – Tier 1 customer support addresses your basic “how-to” questions, simplifying network and device troubleshooting.
  • Service Assurance – Chronic issues are replicated and root cause identified to ensure products, processes, and procedures are made correct.
  • MNO Operations – Support for multiple MNOs from order to activation, and if network issues arise, helps ensure seamless connectivity.
  • Managed Services – Outsourcing of support staff to meet identified monitoring and maintenance objectives and to controls costs.
  • Endpoint Monitoring – Monitoring of devices allows for rapid intervention if security threats or performance issues are revealed.
  • Network Monitoring – Continuous network surveillance to detect component failures before they create security or connectivity challenges.
  • Release Management – Device and application updates are centrally maintained, ensuring your IoT implementation remains optimized.

Sustainment & Support Services

Simplify the reverse logistics processes required to maintain your IoT implementation, maximize value, and achieve long-term success with sustainment and support services from KORE. 

  • Triage Support – Process to determine and verify fault conditions of components and prioritize repairs to maximize operational uptime.
  • Claims Management – Administrative expertise to handle all insurance claims, protecting your investment and limiting out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Re-Staging & Kitting – Configuration, packaging, testing and shipment of replacement devices to maintain service continuity.
  • Advanced Exchange – Expedited replacement of critical endpoint components to minimize downtime and associated costs.
  • Re-Installation & Activation – Endpoint re-installation, network reactivation and application verification for seamless component replacement.
  • OEM Warranty Management – Processing of claims and credits, as well as coverage validation, to free up your internal resources.
  • End of Life Disposition – Viable components are collected and prepared to reuse, refurbish, resell, or recycle, improving sustainability.

IoT Management Capabilities

The KORE trusted advisor approach delivers complete IoT management capabilities to accelerate solution deployment and maximize your IoT investment. As your single source partner, we simplify and manage the complex IoT ecosystem to help your organization realize transformative business performance.


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Products & IoT Services

IoT Connectivity Management

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IoT Hardware Solutions

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IoT Devices

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IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

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