Single Source Provider

A trusted and expert IoT advisor, KORE is your single source provider for location-based services with a configurable application for real-time tracking services to manage vehicles, assets, or individuals. KORE simplifies the complexity in IoT, eliminating the need for multiple providers and multiple contracts. The KORE Position Logic location-based services application is built on a foundation of IoT expertise, and is fully customizable to expedite IoT solution deployment, enhance scalability and flexibility, and ultimately maximize the return on your IoT investment.

Navigating the Healthcare IoT Journey, Part I
Location-based solution platforms are an increasingly critical facet of today’s healthcare experience as hospitals rely on real-time information to optimize care.


Industry Use Cases

Whether required for commercial fleets to track or recover vehicles, or for healthcare providers to monitor at-home patients, location-based services are in demand to improve operational efficiencies, productivity, safety, and security while also ensuring regulatory compliance. Example use cases include:

  • Fleet Management
    • Improve vehicle tracking and optimize routing to save time and fuel costs
    • Protect vehicles and keep insurance costs in check
    • Increase visibility into driver behavior to improve safety and hours-of-service compliance
    • Analyze data to predict and prevent maintenance issues

  • Logistics
    • Reduce the risk of missing goods and theft with real-time monitoring of shipping containers
    • Optimize inventory management with asset tracking and real-time location in warehouses

  •  Automotive
    • Monitor vehicle components for performance and to enable predictive maintenance
    • Provide alerts that can help ensure driver safety

  • Healthcare
    • Monitor and track elderly patients at home with wearable devices for greater independence and peace of mind
    • Monitor mobile caregivers to track location and arrival time
man uses location-based services on his tablet at construction site

Customizable Solutions

White-label location-based services from KORE are device-agnostic, integrating with virtually any device, including tablets and wearables, for complete flexibility. More than 400 configurable modules allow you to shape the application to meet specific business needs. Global network coverage in 92% of countries and across six continents with high availability – backed by multi-lingual, 24/7/365 customer support from industry experts – ensures tracking operations are continuous and uninterrupted.

man uses location-based services on his tablet at construction site
woman wearing gray hat drives semitruck and uses location-based services

Powerful Application Features

With user-friendly, powerful features, our LBS application can be quickly implemented to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Monitoring of a single asset or individual can occur in real time, and historical tracking shows where an asset or person has been during a specific time frame. Comprehensive reporting capabilities, accessible via a dashboard, give you the data you need with customizable alerts and notifications.

Other robust features include map services, geofencing and routing tools, graphical reporting, workflow and dispatch, as well as action-item alerts that prompt if a vehicle requires maintenance or fuel.

man in denim jacket holding tablet and typing on phone to monitor iot location tracking

On-Premises and Hosting Options

Depending on the needs of your company, KORE can accommodate both hosted and on-premises solutions. Our white-label solution can be developed for tracking and monitoring using in-house servers, and we also provide a complete asset management and monitoring application for companies that require a robust, hosted infrastructure. Service providers can offer their customers a full-featured and fully branded solution with no software installation required, that is easily managed from the administration panel.

With decades of IoT experience, KORE is your guide to simplifying the complexity in IoT – regardless of your selected solution option – and can provide the knowledge and professional services needed to accelerate implementation of location-based services and simplify adoption. Should your business requirements include unique functionalities, KORE’s team of IoT experts is available to develop a tailored solution that meets your needs.

man in denim jacket holding tablet and typing on phone to monitor iot location tracking

IoT Management Capabilities

The KORE trusted advisor approach delivers complete IoT management capabilities to accelerate solution deployment and maximize your IoT investment. As your single source partner, we simplify and manage the complex IoT ecosystem to help your organization realize transformative business performance.

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