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Test Your IoT Applications Quickly with KORE's IoT Platform

Efficient IoT Application Testing Process

KORE facilitates the development and real-world testing of customers’ applications and systems for both IP- and SMS-based services. Network performance and capacity usage are critical in optimizing application design. As such, KORE offers IoT platform that provide an efficient IoT application process, including rapid access to data and standardized test service systems. This helps customers get to market quickly, easily, and with the minimum investment required.

SMPP Application Testing

To launch a new application using the KORE SMS Gateway Services, an application must connect to the KORE network using SMPP. KORE provides comprehensive tests for SMPP applications, ensuring that all systems meet the highest technical standards for performance and reliability. KORE will continue to monitor these standards over the entire relationship with every customer. This efficient IoT application process, which is thoroughly documented and quick to complete, also ensures maximum efficiency of the application’s design and implementation.

The IoT Application Testing Process: Usage Analysis

During the IoT application testing process, developers need to clearly understand device usage patterns to determine solution costs and enable customers to build both technical and business solutions in tandem. Usage records are all available through KORE’s all-inclusive platform, PRiSMPro, including information such as total bytes, bytes uplink and bytes downlink per GPRS session, and an analysis of actual usage (including payload and protocol overhead). Typically, records are available each day, allowing near real-time analysis. Our IoT platforms services, like PRiSMPro, even include per-SIM monitoring tools to alert customers before use costs run away on any IoT device.