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IoT & M2M Device Certification Services

The Importance of IoT/M2M Device Certification

Network device certification is a non-negotiable requirement for bringing new IoT devices onto existing carrier networks. Regardless of whether the module (modem) component within a device has passed certification, any new device is required to do so as well prior to allowing commercial deployment. The goal of device certification is to identify and fix issues related to the quality of service on the desired network. IoT device certification testing ensures maximum device performance and minimum risk of service disruptions that could jeopardize the entire network infrastructure.

What is IoT/M2M Device Certification?

Device certification is a series of standardized tests with acceptable parameters of results (think: passing grades). These tests are conducted specifically by designated test labs that demonstrate that a device operates properly and within acceptable means when connected to a wireless network. Device certification is required for new modules and devices as well as whenever any changes are made to an approved module or device. The actual time and cost required to complete certification will vary depending on the approval requirements.

The fastest, and often the most cost-effective, device certification strategy is avoiding the need to go through the process in the first place. If at all possible, use a pre-approved device unless there is a compelling reason to build a new one. If a new end device is required, make sure a pre-approved module from a reputable OEM is used in the design. You can view a list of pre-approved IoT devices here.

If a pre-approved device or module that suits your needs is not available, then KORE can help you through the process of device certification.

KORE’s IoT and M2M Device Certification Professional Services

KORE offers its IoT/M2M customers full-service device certification services managed by a dedicated team of experienced employees, some of whom represent KORE on the boards of the regulatory standards bodies.

KORE has helped numerous customers with IoT device certification and has a strong and proven track record of helping customers get their devices certified. We help you get your devices certified with the least investment expense in terms of personnel and resources, in the least amount of time, and with the highest probability of success. KORE brings numerous resources to the table, including experience and formal relationships with OEMs, operators, and even test labs.

KORE has a partnership with RFI Global, a leading provider of GSM test lab services, and with Intertek, a specialty lab for CDMA certification testing services. These members of our IoT certified partnership program are experts in creating a clear path to successful certification. Both partners have the regulatory compliance expertise necessary to make sure the devices conform to the regulatory standards required for full-scale commercial deployment in the markets in question.

For companies seeking a wider array of engineering services, KORE has partnerships in place with leading “one-stop shops” – experts who can provide consultation on everything, including help with device design, application validation, contract manufacturing, device certification, and much more.

If you are interested in learning more about KORE’s device certification programs and partnerships, or if you have questions about our networks powering the Internet of Things, please complete the contact form at the top right of this page, or contact us by phone or e-mail.