IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Suite of best-in-class services that help simplify and accelerate IoT solution adoption.

KORE’s suite of best-in-class services are designed to help organizations launch their IoT solutions quickly and efficiently, as well as manage and maintain their IoT deployments to ensure the highest possible ROI is achieved. With more than 15 years of proven IoT experience, KORE provides the expertise, resources, and support for simplified IoT endpoint lifecycle management:


Deployment Services

IoT projects are often delayed, or worse, due to unforeseen difficulties in the transition from the proof-of-concept to the production phase. KORE’s IoT deployment services accelerate time-to-market through the simplification and streamlining of forward logistics processes. Covering a broad range of critical disciplines, partnering with KORE removes the complexities of an IoT launch:


Operational Management

IoT is not a core competency for many organizations, and even those that may have IoT experience do not always have the internal resources necessary to support and scale day-to-day operational functions. KORE’s operational management services lift the burden from internal teams, enabling them to focus on what is most important to their businesses by delivering:


Sustainment and
Support Services

Once deployed in the field, IoT endpoints must be continuously supported to maintain a healthy implementation and continue generating ROI. KORE’s sustainment and support services alleviate the challenges of reverse logistics processes and enable long-term IoT success: