KORE Rapid Setup VPN Services for IoT Devices

Dynamic portfolio of VPN connectivity options for secure IoT deployments.

KORE Rapid-Setup VPN Services for IoT Devices

Essentially any physical device can become IoT-enabled by integrating cellular connectivity, however failure to secure IoT device connectivity can result in a costly or embarrassing data breach. A KORE VPN secure IoT network protects these connections by extending your company’s private network out to cellular connected IoT devices. A KORE VPN for IoT devices offers IoT Solution Providers the following benefits:

  • Security– with a KORE VPN, IoT devices will only be able to communicate with a pre-defined list of hosts and all of the traffic will be encrypted.
  • Performance– Since the IoT data traffic will be routed through an encrypted tunnel, there is less of a need to integrate encryption at the application level. By offloading this functionality to the network, IoT device processing power is freed up for other tasks and IoT device battery life is extended.
  • Manageability– With a KORE VPN, each IoT device will receive a static IP address so you can send data traffic directly from your application server to the device, on any port. This makes it much easier to contact devices to collect data on-demand or perform software updates. Additionally, customers can communicate with a pool of SIMs spread across multiple mobile network operations, this eliminates the need to manage various connections with different configurations.
  • Control– A KORE VPN allows solution providers to control network session timeouts and IP address space used by their devices. This eliminates a number of constraints typically put on IoT application developers. It also allows developers to perform development and QA with devices attached to their local LAN, as connectivity to the devices on the other side of a VPN will behave similarly.

From pre-determined packages to custom solutions, KORE can deliver the optimal VPN service for your organizations’ unique business requirements with the security you need to keep your business protected:

  • Rapid and simple deployment
  • Support for single-site or multi-site with automatic failover
  • Support for dynamic routing
  • Protection from Internet-based DDoS and traffic flood attacks
  • Standard AES-256 encryption
  • 24x7 monitoring and support by KORE’s global NOC
  • Virtualized solutions for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure


Security between the device and the MNO

Data transmitted between a device and the mobile carrier network is encrypted by the network.

Security between the MNO and the KORE IoT network

The private APN is programmed into the devices and used by the device to indicate to the network its data should be routed to the KORE data center. Data is then routed through the carrier’s private network to the KORE data centers via IPSec VPN tunnels and is secured by AES-256 encryption.

Security between the KORE IoT network and the customer network

Data is routed to the customer’s data centers via IPSec VPN tunnels. All data transmitted over the VPN tunnel is encrypted by the customer’s choice of AES-256 or 3DES encryption.