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KORE’S Comprehensive SMS Gateway Service for Connectivity and Control

IoT Messaging Services

KORE controls all network elements needed for Short Message Service (SMS) delivery, including message platforms for production and test services, Short Codes, and Virtual Number Services. While some providers rely on the operator to deliver SMS services, the benefit of partnering with KORE is our ability to deliver custom solutions quickly and reliably.

KORE provides several SMS solutions addressing the specific needs of the IoT/M2M marketplace. Leveraging the SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol, KORE enables our customers to use SMS as an effective data bearer for their commercial applications. With the many options available, the KORE SMS gateway services portfolio allows customers to choose the solution that best meets their particular application’s needs.

SMS Gateway Service with Short Codes

With an SMPP connection to the KORE SMS Gateway, Short Codes allow devices to terminate messages back to a customer’s application server. Additionally, application servers can communicate via SMS back to devices in the field. This is a closed network M2M messaging services solution providing highly reliable and rapid message origination and termination between a customer’s devices and their application server.

SIM to SIM IoT Messaging Services

KORE SIMs natively support messages between KORE SIMs as well as other third-party GSM and CDMA devices. KORE assigns a phone number to each SIM, allowing it to send messages to another device phone number (KORE-based or third-party) and receive messages sent to its own phone number. This capability comes standard with the purchase of KORE M2M data services and requires no additional or custom interconnect services.

Inter-Carrier Message Service (ICMS) with Virtual Numbers

As an SMS gateway service provider, KORE also provides Inter-Carrier Message Services (SMS messages sent and received with third-party networks) through its SMS Gateway Virtual Number service. Using this service with an SMPP connection, KORE assigns a customer’s application server a virtual phone number, which a customer’s application can use to send and receive SMS messages through most wireless networks in North America and even worldwide.

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