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The KORE Partner Program and Solution Finder

Connecting customers with ASPs and OEM manufacturers

The KORE Partner Program, Partner Portal and Solution Finder assists end-users and enterprise companies in intelligently matching their unique business requirements with the application solution providers and OEM manufacturers who can help them with their M2M needs, bringing them online quickly and efficiently.

The essential elements of this program are:

  • A mutual business development program designed to capture, qualify and share prospective sales leads from companies and organizations who often contact KORE seeking a full-service solution for their business. As KORE does not compete with our customers - our focus is selling network services exclusively - KORE has built a means to capture and distribute these opportunities to out partners who will subsequently activate any newly acquired customers from such leads onto the KORE network.
  • International expansion, helping our customers and partners who have or are seeking international operations capabilities find new markets.
  • Partnering in efforts to further brand awareness and marketing through joint PR activities, case study examples featuring best practices in M2M service delivery and other forms of mutually beneficial co-promotion.
  • Showcase cutting-edge applications that leverage the KORE network in unique and compelling ways.