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PRiSMPro: Your All-in-One IoT Device Management Platform


KORE realized early on that M2M applications demand scalable solutions, and thus PRiSMPro was created. Since the portal launched over a decade ago, PRiSMPro has given KORE clients a robust web platform from which they can control all aspects of their wireless services.

One Interface, Multiple Networks, Technologies and Markets

One IoT Device Management Platform, Multiple Networks, Technologies, and Markets

PRiSMPro is incredibly user-friendly, and no platform is simpler for an Enterprise or Application Solution Provider to adopt. Whatever the market being addressed, and whatever the technology selected, the interface experience is consistent. All the complexity of integrating multiple carrier networks is entirely managed behind the scenes by the KORE PRiSMPro M2M device management platform.

Our IoT Device Management Platform Connects Customer-Specific Information with Accounts and Devices

Our M2M Monitoring Platform Connects Customer Information with Accounts and Devices

Through PRiSMPro’s Custom Information Fields and Cost Centers, KORE customers can associate details and end-user information with accounts and devices. You choose the information included in up to six separate fields to be associated with each of your customer’s subscriptions – down to the device level. These searchable fields allow for:

  • The identification of individual devices using custom data.
  • The ability to associate multiple devices to a single cost center.
  • The provision of easy-to-read monthly reports that present this custom information alongside usage statistics and summaries.

Convenience, customization, and control, all delivered through KORE’s IoT device management platform: PRiSMPro.

PRiSMPro’s API Integrates Directly into Your Application

Integrates Directly into Your Business Logic

Using our Application Programming Interface (or API), KORE customers are able to take the best features of the PRiSMPro web interface and process them from their own applications.

Using our Application Programming Interface (or API), KORE customers are able to take the best features of the PRiSMPro web interface and process them from their own applications.

KORE makes adopting the API easy. As the demand for your solutions increases, it becomes much more efficient to submit requests to KORE via API. Before moving a new AI integration into live production environments, KORE Engineering and Support personnel assist customers with a development and onboarding process. This process includes sandbox access to the API, which allows testing without impacting actual subscribers.

An IoT Device Management Platform that Allows You to Manage Support Issues in a Whole New Way

Manage Support Issues in a Whole New Way

Access the KORE support team with interactive features in PRiSMPro, your one-stop shop for all service and trouble ticketing requests. With trouble ticket history, ticket watches, and easy-to-use wizards, our M2M device management platform walks you through the steps of implementing, escalating, and resolving all requests.

PRiSMPro users can retrieve call detail record (CDR) files on a daily basis. This feature allows customers to provide end-users with detailed statistics regarding their usage on a regular basis, not just at month-end.

PRiSMPro – Your support tool and IoT device management platform of choice.

Express Activations with Custom Profiles You CreateExpress Activations with Customer Profiles You Create

PRiSMPro saves you time and money with “One-Click-and-You’re-Done” processes, including activations and deactivations. Customers build an Express Activation Profile on the M2M device management platform, and that new profile serves as a template for batch activations. This reduces errors and accelerates processing times for all subsequent requests.

Express activations – another example of how KORE’s connectivity services support the success of your business.

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