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IoT Technologies

IoT Technologies and Applications

IoT applications are changing and improving people's lives every day. From home alarm systems to automobile tracking applications, Homeland Security initiatives to FEMA asset management, environmental controls, smart metering technology, telehealth and many other applications – IoT technologies are growing in importance and significance – improving security and quality of life, driving new sources of revenue and providing operational cost efficiencies for those who deploy them.

KORE is at the forefront in accelerating and enabling innovations in Internet of Things technologies and service delivery. The reason is simple – if the device and application are not connected to the network, they simply won't work.  Since 2003, KORE has been driving innovation to constantly improve the painful reality that 'the network last mile' has to work flawlessly for every single customer and every device.

KORE has built test systems, applications test platforms and device accreditation programs to support highly reliable service delivery over the long haul.

Influencing Common Standards – PCS Type Certification Board

All devices to be used with GSM networks in North America require PTCRB certification. Designed originally for handsets, the independent Type Certification Board is responsible for developing and implementing standards definition and certification processes for the GSM operators.

KORE is the only MVNO – the only non-spectrum owning network provider - who is a full voting member of the PTCRB Review Board.

Wireless Trade and Industry Initiatives – CTIA

The Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association reflects the needs of the consumer, enterprise and industry in charting evolutionary change in the wireless community. Within the CTIA, a limited number of Working Industry Councils are focused on furthering the needs of certain segments, from a regulatory, technical and market awareness perspective. KORE is also a founding and full member of the recently formed M2M Special Interest Group (SIG), providing perspective on M2M applications, technologies and the market as a whole, as well as ways to improve the industry through common standards.

Driving Change with Carrier Partners

The MVNO business approach of KORE – including pay-for-use unbundled airtime charges, self-management of network services and simple management of interconnect needs – has been pioneered by KORE. Others may emulate the approach but KORE pioneered it – and developed the business models and market strategy approach that convinced carrier partners to embrace and grow IoT technologies to expand the marketplace.

Innovation investment in dollars and people continues at KORE – day in and day out – to deliver new services, improve service delivery, increase performance and security to extend the IoT service footprint and power new markets.

Changing the World through IoT connectivity